Independent Music Label.
Warm Eclectic Home-Baked Goods.

Several groups from several friends in many different combinations since 1997.
Code-programmed Electronic to Improvised Raw Acoustic and points intertween.
Some is serious, some is funny, some is down and dirty.

Aphasein Records began on July 7, 2007, after several friends amassed a huge mountain of music from playing together for ten years. Some of it had been edited and shared with friends over the years, but with the rise of Myspace (yes, that) a wider venue was easily available for displaying it.

2007 being a good anniversary year and an auspicious date, a plan was begun to edit and master the major works from all the groups into organized releases that would showcase all their different facets and styles, as well as include all their solo projects. There have been three phases of the label and website so far, each with their own character and tactics employed. Dig in.


The Method

We improvise almost all of our songs together live, on the spot and record them all straight, as they happen, in one take. This is just how it works for us on pretty much all of our projects, even the solo works (and the programmed electronic ones are still knocked-out pretty quickly in a few of hours or less). We’ve tried replaying and learning our songs, but they always come out differently each time and don’t seem to have the same spark. They also don’t hold our interest like creating something raw every time does.

It’s also somewhat musically dangerous, which is why it doesn’t always work or hold together constantly, but having played together so long and having talents that lean that way, we’ve gotten pretty damn good at creating beautiful, meaningful songs on the fly (even if we do say so ourselves.) But seriously, check them out – we think we pull it off pretty well at least half the time.

| 03.03.2019