Phase 1.5

Videos 051 – 100

Phase 1 also saw the release of 50 videos during the same time-period – some showing album songs being recorded, many showing entirely new material. They were a way to show the fun of our recording sessions and the strange improv nature of them, songs just literally appearing. Originally shared through YouTube and such, then later packaged as part of the catalog.

This is a master list of all the original Phase 1 Aphasein Records videos in one place to easily reference and download from. All the links below are MP4 video files that should play on most computers and mobile devices (optimized for iPhone). Most files are around 50MB or under, though a few quite exceed that.

All releases are Free. Enjoy.



Aphasein Video Releases:

avr-051: aphasein / Teaser1
avr-052: aphasein / Teaser2
avr-053: aphasein / Teaser3
avr-054: aphasein / Night Terrors 3D
avr-055: The Dogwood Forest / A Cabin in the Woods
avr-056: evix / entropy
avr-057: Pete and Frank / Float Away (Prelude)
avr-058: Pete and Frank / Don’t Like the Beach (A Bit)
avr-059: Pete and Frank / Boil That Cabbage Down
avr-060: Pete and Frank / Stuck Inside
avr-061: Pete and Frank / Badass
avr-062: Pete and Frank / Looking Out At the Ocean
avr-063: Pete and Frank / Hey, I Don’t Know
avr-064: Pete and Frank / The Captain (Extended)
avr-065: Pete and Frank / Whoa, Child
avr-066: Pete and Frank / I Was Thinking
avr-067: Pete and Frank / Turn A Good Song Into Poo
avr-068: Repeating Frank / Ghosts Inside
avr-069: Repeating Frank / Too Late To Turn Back (Extended)
avr-070: Repeating Frank / Take the Lead
avr-071: Repeating Frank / Pieces of the Night
avr-072: Repeating Frank / Lost Moments
avr-073: Repeating Frank / Bring It On Back
avr-074: Repeating Frank / Drifts101
avr-075: Repeating Frank / Drifts102
avr-076: Repeating Frank / Drifts103
avr-077: Repeating Frank / Drifts104
avr-078: Repeating Frank / Drifts105
avr-079: Repeating Frank / Drifts106
avr-080: Repeating Frank / Drifts107
avr-081: Repeating Frank / Drifts108
avr-082: Repeating Frank / Drifts109
avr-083: Repeating Frank / Drifts110
avr-084: Repeating Frank / Drifts111
avr-085: Repeating Frank / Drifts112
avr-086: Repeating Frank / Drifts201
avr-087: Repeating Frank / Drifts202
avr-088: Repeating Frank / Drifts203
avr-089: Repeating Frank / Drifts204
avr-090: Repeating Frank / Drifts205
avr-091: Repeating Frank / Drifts206
avr-092: Repeating Frank / Drifts207
avr-093: Repeating Frank / Drifts208
avr-094: Repeating Frank / Drifts209
avr-095: Repeating Frank / Drifts210
avr-096: Summer Gets Electronic / Ride the Devil
avr-097: Summer Gets Electronic / Creeping Up (A Bit)
avr-098: Summer Gets Electronic / Reflections
avr-099: Summer Gets Electric / A Stranger At Sea (Inside)
avr-100: Summer Gets Electric / Tell Me I’m Wrong (Outside)


| 03.03.2019