Phase 1

Releases 001 – 050

This was the first run of the label from 7.07.2007 to 9.09.2009, and contained the main portion of releases built up over the ten years before it (especially from the final year leading up to, when big recording sessions happened almost every month). Recording continued strong into mid-2008 then settled down, and time was spent cleaning it up and putting it all out.

This is a master list of all the original Phase 1 Aphasein Records releases in one place to easily reference and download from. All the links below are ZIP bundles containing high-quality MP3s and print-quality CD package album artwork JPGs.

All releases are Free. Enjoy.



Aphasein Digital Releases:

adr-001: evix / ‘rock’ EP
adr-002: The Dogwood Forest / ‘Through the Valley’ EP
adr-003: evix / ‘cold’ EP
adr-004: aphasein / ‘second hand smoke’ B-single
adr-005: aphasein / ‘Catalyst’ A-album
adr-006: evix / ‘heat’ EP
adr-007: Repeating Frank / ‘The March of Time’ A-album
adr-008: Repeating Frank / ‘April Reigns Down’ B-album
adr-009: Pete and Frank / ‘Marches On’ A-album
adr-010: Pete and Frank / ‘Kwality Kuts’ B-album
adr-011: Summer Gets Electric / ‘Cold Roads (Sun is Still)’ A-album
adr-012: Summer Gets Electric / ‘Dark Ends (Blacktop Burn)’ B-album
adr-013: aphasein / ‘Abiogenesis’ A-album
adr-014: aphasein / ‘Burning in Reverse’ B-album
adr-015: Repeating Frank / ‘Come What May’ A-album
adr-016: Repeating Frank / ‘June Bug Blue’ B-album
adr-017: aphasein / ‘sechs_shift’ A-album
adr-018: aphasein / ‘spring imagination’ B-single
adr-019: Pete and Frank / ‘Til It Bleeds’ A-album
adr-020: Pete and Frank / ‘Confirmed Bachelors’ B-album
adr-021: aphasein / ‘phace-maker’ A-album
adr-022: aphasein / ‘Selected Oddities Volume 1’ B-album
adr-023: Summer Gets Electric / ‘Hard Paths (Sun Is Still 2)’ A-album
adr-024: Summer Gets Electric / ‘Last Days (Death of Spring)’ B-album
adr-025: aphasein / ‘ist ein schöne nacht, nein?’ A-album
adr-026: aphasein / ‘World View’ B-single
adr-027: Repeating Frank / ‘Augustine Depths’ A-album
adr-028: Repeating Frank / ‘Lone July Skies’ B-album
adr-029: Pete and Frank / ‘On A Dime’ A-album
adr-030: Pete and Frank / ‘I Am Nemo’ B-album
adr-031: Summer Gets Electronic / ‘Fuzzy Golden Waves’ A-album
adr-032: Summer Gets Electronic / ‘Ultra Violet Haze’ A-album
adr-033: aphasein / ‘Bohr’ A-album
adr-034: aphasein / ‘Bohm’ A-album
adr-035: Schwärzer Vögel / ‘Willful Life Suit’ Album
adr-036: Jeremy McNeil / ‘Waiting to Dream’ EP
adr-037: aphasein / ‘rebuilt’x’ B-album
adr-038: aphasein / ‘Death Game’n’ B-album
adr-039: Pete and Frank / ‘Cult Classics’ C-album
adr-040: Pete and Frank / ‘Vintage Digs’ D-album
adr-041: evix / ‘void’ Album
adr-042: evix / ‘kaos’ Album
adr-043: Schwärzer Vögel / ‘Ivanhoe Row Sleep Lab’ Album
adr-044: Jeremy McNeil / ‘Staring Back at Me’ Single
adr-045: Coastal Exchange / ‘Coastal Exchange’ EP

White/Gray/Black Labels:

agr-046: Summer Gets Electronic / ‘Euro Disco Blaze’ Single
agr-047: evix / ‘Lite’ EP
agr-048: Junebugg / ‘Chaos is Beauty’ Mega-album
agr-049: evix / ‘OWAE’ Album
agr-050: aphasein / ‘Brake Out’ Single


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