Phase 2

Releases 101 – 200

This was the second run of the label from 3.03.2011 to 9.09.2012, and featured a new streamlined approach, inspired by all the new remixes and Garageband tracks. Originally released in pairs of independent MP3s, like 2-track digital “singles”, this new process allowed for quicker and simpler releases roughly every 10 days. No packaging included and we sometimes weren’t even sure how long each release would end up. They were later collected together, mainly into EPs, with a smattering of albums (and a few albums originally released as collected).

In addition to all the new tracks, this phase also cleaned up and put out most of the remaining material from the archives. This is a master list of all these new-style Phase 2 Aphasein Records releases in one place to easily reference and download from. All the links below are ZIP bundles containing fully tagged MP3 files with cover art.

All releases are Free. Enjoy.



Aphasein Nouveau Releases:

anr-101.102: ‘Velvet Devil’ Single
anr-101: Pete & Frank 3000 / Cop Drama
anr-102: Pete & Frank 3000 / Ride the Tiger Into Work

anr-103.108: ‘Inside You’ EP
anr-103: Brendt Spalding / Deeper Relaxation
anr-104: Brendt Spalding / Everything You Could Never Be
anr-105: Brendt Spalding / Inside You
anr-106: Brendt Spalding / Just Give Up
anr-107: Brendt Spalding / Entering (Inside You)
anr-108: Brendt Spalding / The Awakening

anr-109.112: ‘Dubalyst’ EP
anr-109: aphasein / Aleph Omega
anr-110: aphasein / Refried Dub
anr-111: aphasein / Frequent Seized
anr-112: aphasein / Dub Quest 2000

anr-113.191: ‘Space Inversion’ EP
anr-113: aphasein / Secretion Disc
anr-114: aphasein / Throbbing Pulsar

anr-115.118: ‘Sommer Räumung’ EP
anr-115: Schwärzer Vögel / Not That Terrific
anr-116: Schwärzer Vögel / Sabbath
anr-117: Schwärzer Vögel / Gordon Ramsey
anr-118: Schwärzer Vögel / Gilgamesh

anr-119.130: ‘(bored)’ Album
anr-119: aphasein / Enter Circle (bored)
anr-120: aphasein / Swollen Nukes (bored)
anr-121: aphasein / Finger Pants (bored)
anr-122: aphasein / Lady Rugs (bored
anr-123: aphasein / Virgin Ox (bored)
anr-124: aphasein / Popo 24 (bored).
anr-125: aphasein / Modem Failure (bored)
anr-126: aphasein / Tibetan Rap Soda (bored)
anr-127: aphasein / Blinded Lie (bored)
anr-128: aphasein / Carrot Ice (bored)
anr-129: aphasein / Caulk Dust (bored)
anr-130: aphasein / Tooking Glass (bored)

anr-131.134: ‘Cryolyst’ EP
anr-131: aphasein / Death Freeze 2000
anr-132: aphasein / Arid House
anr-133: aphasein / Frostee
anr-134: aphasein / Syntheticut

anr-135: Summer Gets Electric / ‘Acoustic Beat Down’ EP
anr-136: Summer Gets Electric / ‘Long Misc Nights’ EP
anr-137: Summer Gets Electric / ‘White Light’ Album
anr-138: Repeating Frank / ‘Drifts 1’ Album
anr-139: Repeating Frank / ‘Drifts 2’ Album

anr-140.143: ‘Winter Pausen’ EP
anr-140: Schwärzer Vögel / You wouldn’t believe me if I told you the truth
anr-141: Schwärzer Vögel / Because you love me
anr-142: Schwärzer Vögel / Ah, Johnny come home
anr-143: Schwärzer Vögel / Hambry macht oven

anr-144.147: ‘acid’ EP
anr-144: evix / Ascorbic
anr-145: evix / Oxalic
anr-146: evix / Mallic
anr-147: evix / Lactic

anr-148.151: ‘base’ EP
anr-148: evix / Group Theory
anr-149: evix / Chemistry
anr-150: evix / Geometry
anr-151: evix / Topology

anr-152.155: ‘Frühling Pausen’ EP
anr-152: Schwärzer Vögel / Camel Toe
anr-153: Schwärzer Vögel / Pretentious without a cause
anr-154: Schwärzer Vögel / Remains
anr-155: Schwärzer Vögel / Appalachian acid trip

anr-156.59: ‘It Had To Be’ EP
anr-156: Jeremy McNeil / It had to be (Vocal Mix)
anr-157: Jeremy McNeil / Upside down smile (Spring Mix)
anr-158: Jeremy McNeil / When I speak your name (Quiet Mix)
anr-159: Jeremy McNeil / So I can see inside (Alt Mix)

anr-160.165: ‘Shadows In A Blue Moon’ EP
anr-160: Jeremy McNeil / Waiting to Dream (wake me up)
anr-161: Jeremy McNeil / Roll the Dice
anr-162: Jeremy McNeil / Let me know when you’re real
anr-163: Jeremy McNeil / Simpler Times
anr-164: Jeremy McNeil / Chasing You
anr-165: Jeremy McNeil / Shadows in a Blue Moon

anr-166.177: ‘True Broadcast Alchemy’ Album
anr-166: Schwärzer Vögel / Do as you must (pretentious)
anr-167: Schwärzer Vögel / Tba
anr-168: Schwärzer Vögel / Part of the machine
anr-169: Schwärzer Vögel / Jambry facemelt operation
anr-170: Schwärzer Vögel / Ephemera
anr-171: Schwärzer Vögel / Evil in our hands
anr-172: Schwärzer Vögel / Sachel
anr-173: Schwärzer Vögel / Imafukindj babe
anr-174: Schwärzer Vögel / The amazing universe
anr-175: Schwärzer Vögel / Django
anr-176: Schwärzer Vögel / Greatful to the one (Do me a kindness)
anr-177: Schwärzer Vögel / Havflarn

anr-178: Pete & Frank 3000 / ‘Girl’s Night’ Double-album

anr-179.182: ‘Take Dose’ EP
anr-179: Brendt Spalding / BS Lesson #2
anr-180: Brendt Spalding / Corporate Raider
anr-181: Brendt Spalding / Don’t Change A Thing This Year
anr-182: Brendt Spalding / Dong-A Imports

anr-183.189: ‘Coastal Exchange 2’ EP
anr-183: Coastal Exchange / Light
anr-184: Coastal Exchange / Experimenting With FL
anr-185: Coastal Exchange / The Guilt
anr-186: Coastal Exchange / Starlight
anr-187: Coastal Exchange / Simpler Slower Life
anr-188: Coastal Exchange / Mind Flayer
anr-189: Coastal Exchange / Descending Arbitrary

anr-113.191: ‘Space Inversion’ EP
anr-190: aphasein / Interstellar Burst
anr-191: aphasein / Sub Brown Dwarf

anr-192.196: ‘Across The Mountains’ EP
anr-192: The Dogwood Forest / Wake Up (Altered)
anr-193: The Dogwood Forest / Trapped (Again)
anr-194: The Dogwood Forest / After Life
anr-195: The Dogwood Forest / Manipulation
anr-196: The Dogwood Forest / (Another) Bitter Pill

anr-197.200: ‘form’ EP
anr-197: evix / Solid
anr-198: evix / Liquid
anr-199: evix / Gas
anr-200: evix / Plasma

apr-000: aphasein / ‘Me, I’m Not (a phase in)’ Bonus Remix

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