Phase 3

Releases 201~

This is the third run of the label which began again on 9.09.2013 after a whole slew of releases piled up during the year after Phase 2 ended it all for good. Everyone started jamming together again, just  like they did throughout that whole year before the start of Phase 1, and the return of Nate Dogg and Sean after almost 7 years kicked it all into sixth gear. These new recordings have been released as ZIP collections – mainly full albums and mainly once a month in big groupings. The blog entries also feature more behind-the-scenes info than for previous phases.

This is a master list of all the ongoing Phase 3 Aphasein Records releases, now in one place to easily reference and download from. Originally without catalog numbers after Phase 2, they’ve been added here to help keep track. All the links below are ZIP bundles containing tagged MP3 files with cover art.

All releases are Free. Enjoy.



Aphasein Perpetual Releases:

apr-201: Pete & Frank 3000 / ‘Pickles On The Side (Jeremy Jam)’ Double-album
apr-202: Jeremy Kirk / ‘Jeremy Kirk’ EP
apr-203: Junebugg / ‘I’m Already Here’ Mega-album
apr-204: Junebugg / ‘Miles And Miles’ Album
apr-205: Summer Gets Electric / ‘On A Black Highway (October Rides 1)’ Album
apr-206: Summer Gets Electric / ‘From A Darkened Land (October Rides 2)’ Album
apr-207: sea NX change / ‘sea NX change’ Album
apr-208: sea NX change /‘sea NX change 2’ EP
apr-209: Summer Gets Electronic / ‘A Cosmic Alignment (Sun Is Reborn)’ Album
apr-210: Summer Gets Electronic / ‘When I’m Gone (Feeling Yourself Disintegrate)’ EP
apr-211: Xrei / ‘Mewzich’ EP
apr-212: Xrei / ‘Synth Oddyssey’ Album
apr-213: Xrei / ‘Analog Voyage’ Album
apr-214: Xrei / ‘Digital Adventure’ Album
apr-215: Xrei / ‘Journeys’ EP
apr-216: Harry Longjohn / ‘Long Time’ EP
apr-217: Summer Gets Electric / ‘Satanic Black Leather’ Album
apr-218: Summer Gets Electric / ‘A Million Times Before’ Album
apr-219: aphasein / ‘Catalyst3.3’ Album
apr-220: aphasein / ‘ApI’ Remix Album
apr-221: Dogg + X / ‘To The Hilt’ Mini-album
apr-222: Dogg + EX / ‘To The Bone’ Album
apr-223: J + Dogg / ‘Winter’s March’ Album
apr-224: JT + Dogg / ‘Blocked Equinox’ Album
apr-225: Dogg + EX / ‘Solstice Circles’ Album
apr-226: The Becker Brothers / ‘Cali Songs’ EP
apr-227: The Dogwood Forest / ‘Over The Clearing’ Album
apr-228: XES / ‘Xtended Eighties Skate’ Album
apr-229: Pete & Frank 3000‘MayDay 2013’ Mini-album
apr-230: Pete & Frank 3000 / ‘Birthday Syrup + Chocolate Cake’ Double-album
apr-231: J + Dogg / ‘All That May 1’ EP
apr-232: J + Dogg / ‘All That May 2’ EP
apr-233: JE + Dogg / ‘All That May 3’ EP
apr-234: Xrei / ‘Mewzich 2’ EP
apr-235: aphasein / ‘Bohr2.2’ Album
apr-236: aphasein / ‘(plugged)’ Album
apr-237: aphasein / ‘Bohm2.2’ Album
apr-238: aphasein / ‘(bombed)’ Album
apr-239: Summer Gets Electric / ‘Blood On The Sand’ Album
apr-240: Summer Gets Electric / ‘Between the Living and the Dead’ EP
apr-241: Pete & Frank 3000 / ‘Birthday Two: Electric Gigolo’ Album
apr-242: Pete & Frank 3000 / ‘Sloppy Seconds’ EP
apr-243: aphasein / ‘I Don’t Mind the Pain, Peacemaker’ EP
apr-244: aphasein / ‘Phaces’ EP
apr-245: aphasein / ‘Night Terrors’ Single
apr-246: aphasein / ‘Supagravity’ EP
apr-247: Pete & Frank 3000 / ‘Wrap Party 1: 808’s + Spaceships’ Album
apr-248: Pete & Frank 3000 / ‘Wrap Party 2: 909’s + Synthblips’ Album
apr-249: Summer Gets Electric / ‘Been Done All Wrong’ Album
apr-250: Xrei / ‘Journeys 2’ EP
apr-251: aphasein / ‘Atmospheric_Shift’ EP
apr-252: aphasein / ‘Sechspunktvonhell’ EP
apr-253: aphasein / ‘Smokering’n’ Single
apr-254: aphasein / ‘Nein’ EP
apr-255: aphasein / ‘Abiogenesis 1.1’ Album
apr-256: aphasein / ‘XREI_EVIX’ Single
apr-257: Xrei / ‘Mewzich 3’ EP
apr-258: Xrei / ‘Journeys 3’ EP
apr-259: Pete & Frank 3000 / ‘Revival 2016’ Album
apr-260: Pieter und Fränke 2000 / ‘Fools of the World’ Album
apr-261: Junebugg / ‘Chasing After Landlocked Objects’ Album
apr-262: evix / ‘KORG’ Album
apr-263: Xrei / ‘Trachx 1’ EP
apr-264: Xrei / ‘Trachx 2’ EP
apr-265: Xrei / ‘Trachx 3’ EP
apr-266: Xrei / ‘Trachx 4’ EP
apr-267: Xrei / ‘Trachx 5’ EP
apr-268: aphasein / ‘A Shape In’ Album
apr-269: aphasein / ‘Burning Backwards’  Remix EP
apr-270: aphasein / ‘Music for Board Games’ EP
apr-271: aphasein / ‘In Phases’ EP
apr-272: aphasein / ‘Automotron’ EP
apr-273: aphasein / ‘Tamer’ EP
apr-274: aphasein / ‘Torrent’ Album



Junebugg / ‘Dirty Dirty’ MP3
Junebugg / ‘Lone Star’ MP3
Junebugg / ‘Noir’ MP3
Junebugg / ‘Schpooki’ MP3
Junebugg / ‘Flyshit’ MP3
Junebugg / ‘Scratch Yo Ass’ MP3
Pete and Frank / ‘Petey McFrank’ MP3
Pete and Frank / ‘Moving On From Here’ MP3
Junebugg / ‘One Star Songs’ MP3
Junebugg / ‘Warhol Songs’ MP3
Junebugg / ‘Dear God and Freinds’ MP3
DJ Loki / ‘Castlewood Crooks’ MP3
DJ Loki / ‘Kid Spock A’ MP3
DJ Loki / ‘Kid Spock B’ MP3


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